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Classrooms at the caves: Students can unearth and study fossils from a million years ago, absorb an era when mega fauna roamed or more recent times when we tuned earth into mines for its resources.

No matter what the size our group bookings officer can deliver an itinerary so full of exciting syllabus links the bus trip home will be one of happy exhaustion.

Scenario Training

If you are delivering training that requires natural challenges for physical endurance and mental strength, talk to our team because the caves are a specialised venue for emergency training or mock scenarios.

University Field Trips

Escape the confines of campus and immerse students in a research environment where interactive experiences shapes learning.

Special Interest Groups

Any groups with particular interests or focus larger than 15 can organise a guided tour, so whether you are a rotary group, car enthusiasts or local environmental group we invite you to speak to our bookings officer so we can tailor an itinerary* for your group.


*Excluding peak holiday periods, group tours are not available in school holidays or long weekends.


Listen to Tick Podcast host Libby Campbell discover the significance of the Wellington Caves while chatting to our informative and passionate Tour Guide Ian, they discuss how students can explore science and history within the beautiful formations and understand the complexities of our environment.

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