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Wellington Caves will be the Centre of Research for the Micro-bat species. Our team are undertaking a unique project that will educate our community and create a habitat for the conservation of this native species.

Bat Team

Do you want to become a member of our BAT TEAM? Get the latest news and updates, get involved with our community events or join a BAT Tour. By becoming a Bat Ambassador you can make a difference towards our conservation efforts. 

Water Tank

A disused water tank within the reserve of Wellington Caves will be turned into a man made habitat. Monitors and data loggers for atmosphere readings will be installed so scientists can survey and collect data for the conservation of this native species.


The collection and propagation of seeds will see the community get involved with the planting of trees to improve the natural habitat on the reserve. This will educate on the importance of a healthy ecosystem. 

Bat Box

Get hands on, with the support of Wellington Mens Shed our schools and community can directly engage with the return of mirco-bats into our local bush through this hand made Bat Box.  Use our form below to enquire how you can get involved. 


Are you looking to educate your family, friends or students on this native species. This Fact sheet is the perfect way to get started.


Thanks for submitting, We will add you to our BAT News to keep up to date.

BAT Ambassador

This project is funded through the 2020-2021 Environmental Trust Grant Funding for Environmental Restoration and Rehabilitation.

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