Gaden Cave

Cathedral Cave - OPEN

Fossil & Phosphate Mine - OPEN

Gaden Cave Remains Closed 17.2.20

Tours through the Gaden Cave have been suspended due to higher levels of Carbon Dioxide present in the Cave. This is a natural process and highlights how the underground can be effected by conditions on the surface. Carbon Dioxide occurs naturally in the atmosphere and can build up in cave systems for a number of reasons. The Gaden Cave has been impacted by long periods of drought resulting in lower levels of groundwater and therefore more pockets of air to fill up with Carbon Dioxide. But more drastically the Cave is effected by the increase of storm activity and changes in atmosphere conditions. Generally, a cave will “vent” which means the warmer air in the cave will circulate over night during cooler temperatures and naturally leave the cave. However when the temperatures are higher over night the air can become trapped in the cave which increases the amount of CO2. This is all part of a natural cave process and it’s great to see science in action. The condition of the Gaden can change from day to day even hour to hour, so unfortunately we are unable to predict when the levels will drop again. We will keep updating our Facebook page and website as to the condition of the Cave.

The Gaden Cave is the smaller of the two show caves but contains large amounts of stalactites, cave coral, flowstone and helictites. This tour goes for approximately one hour. There are 120 steps in the Gaden Cave, so comfortable footwear is recommended. Maximum of 20 persons per tour.

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