Changes to tour schedule

Wellington Caves would like to advise that our Gaden Cave is currently CLOSED due to carbon dioxide levels that are higher than safe work requirements. The level of CO2 fluctuates during different times of the year, however due to the extreme dry weather we have been having, a build up is occurring in the Cave system. Our Cathedral Cave and Phosphate Mine are not effected by CO2 and tours will operate as normal. Where possible we will be replacing the 1.30pm Gaden tour with a Cathedral or Phosphate Mine tour. Please contact the Caves to determine which tours are available. 

The Wellington Caves 

The Wellington Caves are located 8km south of Wellington NSW. Guided tours are available to the Cathedral Cave, Gaden Cave and the Phosphate Mine. 

Be amazed by the beautiful calcite crystal formations like stalagmites, stalactites, columns, flowstones and coral.

Whilst touring the Phosphate Mine, visitors will be enthralled by the story of the mine and the megafauna bones it secretly holds within its muddy walls.

Accommodation, camping, kiosk, barbeques and the Osawano Japanese Gardens are also located at the Wellington Caves.